Forever? No Thanks.

I really am against myself working for one company forever. Does it sound great? Of course. But even if I could find a company that had the values that I have, I can’t say I would stay forever. My personality is too entrepreneurial. Everyone is not meant to be an entrepreneur. Shoot, everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit isn’t supposed to be an entrepreneur. But they need to be in a space where they can try things that they can take ownership over and, if they fail, at least they’re putting their own ideas to work.

Development is a cool field. I could see myself staying in it eventually as a consultant. But forever at one institution? Nope. Just can’t do it. Now, what I can see myself doing in development is staying an uncharacteristically long time at one place. Why? Because I actually wake up liking what I’m doing. But know that I am working on my brand throughout this experience.
Make professional development a priority.


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