Things Change… Then Change Back

Do you all remember fanny packs? I had a TNMT one when I was 3 or 4 to keep all my cool stuff in (and whatever else my mom deemed necessary for me to have when I was hanging out with friends). It was neat and then it wasn’t anymore. And the fanny pack clung to its unneatness for about 25 years. But they’re coming back.

That’s the case with most everything, from reading to housing to lifestyles. We want more then we want less until we realize that less doesn’t satisfy our cravings so we go back to wanting more again. And, interestingly enough, that always coincides with some marketing “research” that says we need more of whatever they’re selling at the time. But, in my opinion, your best bet is to find what works for you and let it work. Don’t keep up with the Joneses (which will have you in the poor house) but don’t be caught looking like you’re from Bedrock either (which will have you in the unemployment line). And, most importantly, if it makes sense but isn’t “stylish” at the moment, maybe you should keep it. I can’t tell you how many times having a fanny pack would have helped me on my runs on the American Tobacco Trail but it wasn’t cool. Now it is again and it makes sense so I’ll probably get one again but this one is here to stay (it just won’t have Mike, Ralph, Donny, and Leonardo painted on it).


Make professional development a priority.



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