Risk Management is a Must

Are your employees going through risk management training? If not, they should be annually. I remember when I was in college and, within my fraternity, we had to go through risk management at least once a year (more often if there was an incident that prompted additional training. Alpha Phi Alpha knew that they did not want to get sued. And I’m sure getting sued isn’t on your organization’s to do list either but, with today’s litigious culture, all it takes is an employee telling an off-color joke in the midst of someone who was offended by it (be it a client or another coworker) to have your once flourishing company in the annals of “Coulda Been.” Or maybe a manager oversteps a boundary and abuses his position. Either way, risk management, even if not adhered to by an individual, can save your organization from the chopping block. See, if your employees are educated on how to make informed decisions and then decide not to, the company cannot be blamed (unless it’s reported and ignored). But if an employee, who is an extension of x-company, makes a poor choice and hasn’t been properly educated on how x-company chooses to handle situations, that company can be held responsible.

Make it easy on yourself. Have your organization go through risk management. It may never be an issue. But, if it ever becomes one, you’ll be glad you made that investment.


Make professional development a priority.


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