Pay (Your Dues With) Attention

Do you know what I’ve observed? Actually, more importantly, do you know what you’ve observed? We all have critiques of the systems in which we operate, whether government, business, non-profit, religious, educational, marital, familial or otherwise. We’ve all seen things that can be improved upon but, too often, we think those things and don’t record them. Or, if we do record them, we never take the time to go back and review what has been recorded so that we can improve upon the shortcomings we once saw. How many one-time hippies from the 70’s became a part of the “system” that they were fighting to change? How many one-time activists eventually ended up reinforcing the stereotypes that they were working to change? Observe. Record. Review. It’s the only way to improve on anything. Too many of us are quick to criticize and then, when we’re finally in a position to change the way things work, we’re so far removed from our criticisms that we no longer recall what changes were needed, ultimately becoming what we once protested because that was the model we were given.


Make professional development a priority.


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