In All Fairness

Before taking my current job, I had heard good and bad things about salary positions. And I will say that, depending on the work environment and leadership/management (two drastically different words), it could be either. If you work a predetermined number of hours each week and you’re comfortable with that number and the salary that is being paid for you to work those hours, then you’re in good shape. Now, whether that number of hours is 35 or 70 is up to you and your level of comfort. Life circumstances should always be factored in when deciding what salary and time commitment combination is right for you. Right now, I’m married but I don’t have any kids so I’m able to maneuver more than I will be in four or five years.

Now, the negative side that some say comes with salary positions is the fact that you will end up working over time and not getting paid anything extra for it. True as that may be, in a  fair environment, though supervisors certainly don’t have to do it, there is, in roles like mine, the flexibility to work from home. To me, that makes all of the difference. If I was just on the road for x-number of days and satisfied my hours per week norm, I expect to be given some flexibility. You never want your salary employees to feel like they’re slaves. You need their buy in because everyone has a point at which the money no longer matters. I’m far from that point but I know plenty of people in my circle who stopped caring about the dollars long ago. No employer wants that.


Make professional development a priority.


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