Purpose Over Pennies

Remind yourself every day that you cannot abandon your purpose. You are not here to make money for the sole purpose of making money, no matter how much you are offered. You are here to serve people with your gift(s). Money is necessary but money is only a tool, not a goal. I went into debt for school, and now I must pay that debt off so that I can not be owned by any entity. I will go into debt for a home and for cars throughout my life but not with the goal of living outside my means. I have a purpose and excessive debt doesn’t allow me to fully explore that purpose. I do need money, but I cannot let it become my master.

Every day do something that will move you closer to that purpose. And, once you plateau, take a leap of faith onto the next platform. This is my first post on the next level of blog site. It required that I invest more dollars in order to increase the number of young professionals that my message could reach. I have a purpose that is bigger than my 8 to 5 and I know you do too. Don’t let your W-2 define you. You’re much greater than that one document.


Make professional development a priority.


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