If You’re Serious About It

This past weekend, I was at the screening of Creative NC, a documentary about creative culture in North Carolina and one guy said something that was profound to me. He said that if not getting enough likes on your artwork can discourage you from being an artist, you’re not going to make it.

I find that to be true in anything. If you post something on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook that you like and you’re vibing with and you believe in, forget what anyone else likes. There will be people who are like-minded. Or, shoot, maybe there won’t. But who cares? If you care enough, your passion will inspire someone else to care. And they will light another candle. And they will do likewise. And, next thing you know, you will have created a movement.

I don’t blog for hits. I blog to share information. Just because I’m not getting 10,000 hits a day doesn’t mean someone isn’t hitting the print button on a blog post, putting my words on the cork board by their office’s water cooler, and my words aren’t being felt. Shoot, someone may be stealing my words simply by copying and pasting (if so, that’s foul but I don’t have time to keep up with that right now). The thing is though, I believe in three things above all else: educating, integrity, and karma. If I’m spreading my message, or educating, no one can say I’m being selfish. If I’m being true to what I’ve been called to do, or having integrity, no one can say I’m full of excrement. And, even if you do have your hand in my pocket (or my words on your site), eventually, my thoughts will find their way back to me in the form of karma.

I’m here for so much more than likes and advertising money. Those are byproducts of everything I want to come from my blogging and consulting. I want to change the culture. I envision a complete paradigm shift. So take my thoughts. Dive deeper. Challenge me. And, in doing so, you challenge yourself.


Make professional development a priority.


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