The Sword With Two Edges

Technology is great, right? It allows us to connect with anyone anywhere at any time of the day. Think about what it must’ve been like 200 years ago when you wanted to reach out to your parents while you were away at college or had just moved up to New York to chase your big break. You had to mail them a letter that took 1-2 weeks to reach them, then wait another 1-2 weeks to receive their response (and that’s depending on where in the country you were and how often mail was carried there). So, a four response conversation between, let’s say New Orleans and New York, could conceivably take six months in 1817. Now, I can pick up my phone while I’m in LA call my mom, if she doesn’t pick up, I can text her, and if she doesn’t answer the text, I can shoot her an e-mail. There are so many different ways to communicate these days and it’s great…

Until it’s not. Technology can be a great tool for business but limits have to be set. None of the baby boomers who expect us to be on call at all times were on call at all times during their 20s and 30s. The tech wasn’t there for them to be. So the expectation for someone to respond to a text message on a Friday night at 9PM after a 48 hour work week is both unfair and unreasonable. Just because we have the ability to do something does not mean that it should be done. Disconnecting sometimes is a must

As a company, use tech but don’t abuse it. Be responsible. You don’t want to take advantage of your most valuable resource: your people.


Make professional development a priority.


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