One Time For Mother Earth

“I’m happy Donald Trump became the president b/c we gotta destroy before we elevate.” — Rick Ross

I don’t often speak on my political views but I’m pretty sure you’re able to figure out where I stand. Today, the president signed an executive order removing funding that was intended to be used to offset the impact of global warming.

So, here is my letter to the guy that half of our nation voted for:

Mr. Trump,
You may not live to see the impact of greenhouse gasses at their most detrimental but, if I live to my life expectancy, I will. And my kids will. And my grandkids will. And so will your kids’ grandkids. So how about you have some integrity and think less about the legacy you will leave and more about the future of not only the nation but the world that you’re supposed to be serving.

You’re not only working to take away American citizens’ health coverage, you’re taking away Earth’s as well. Fiscally conservative, in this instance, can be equated to environmentally remedial.

Do better or I will call for your impeachment.

Deryle A. Daniels, Jr.
A Citizen Who Has an Aversion to Living Sick Forever

And, to those who say that, as a blogger who writes about professional development and young professional lifestyle, I should keep my political point of view to myself, I say this: “What kind of profession do you plan on developing when, in 15 years, you’re supposed to be at the peak of your career but you can’t breathe air well enough to even work comfortably? Or, worse, when you have to leave work every time your kids’ asthma acts up because their lungs couldn’t develop properly in this environment?”
Make saving the earth a priority.


One Comment

  1. What you’re saying is great and true. Profit over the environment is wrong. Our children’s future consist of more than a career and money. If they can’t breath, no amount of money will matter. Great post.


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