Who Are You Listening To?

Are you learning from the student or the teacher? Though everyone is at a particular stage of the learning process, I strongly suggest that you focus on learning from someone who is more advanced than not. Do you know why I’m not out here teaching people about photography? Because I am just becoming proficient enough in the art to manipulate the technology in a manner that is worthy of earning some dollars doing it. But I can certainly consult folks on professional development. Why? Because I am battle tested. I build young people who have potential into young people who are intentional. So, before you reach into your pocket to pay someone for a service or before you read their book on a topic, figure out their track record. Be it time or money, don’t invest too much into a novice. This could just be a flicker of light instead of a fire that burns bright in them. Only time will tell.

And that’s not to say that you shouldn’t support anyone who is just starting out. I believe in supporting them as much as you do an expert. But also take the time to look up the point of view of someone with more experience so that you don’t waste your time.


Make professional development a priority.


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