What a Way to Start the Day

Every morning, I wake up and hit my regular morning routine. But my routine isn’t what this post is about. This post is about what I hear by at least 9AM Monday through Friday every week that I’m not on vacation. Each week, I play some music that is either revolutionary, thought-provoking, positive, or some combination of the aforementioned qualities. While I like the catchy mindless music from time, I cannot start a day with it if I want to have a positive impact on the world within those 24 hours. And, as the days pass and more positive songs come to mind, I add them. For example, I just bought Bill Withers’ “A Lovely Day” and added it to my “Morning Motivation” playlist. Why? Because that song, along with the others on my playlist (and a good cup of coffee), will have me ready to take on the world.

Find music that inspires you and let it make you better. Because mindless tunes are just going to leave you… well, mindless.


Make good vibrations a priority.


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