My Formula

Though I’m not yet “successful”, I am working toward success and I’m getting glimpses at it. My formula has been simple and will remain that way: create so much dope content consistently that, once you are discovered by an entity bigger than yourself, your body of work will speak for itself.

 Whether you see it every night or not, the moon does an amazing job of consistently taking the place of the sun in the sky. Some nights you see it in all of its magnificence. Some nights, you catch a sliver. Other nights, it isn’t seen at all. But it’s always there, doing its job because there are those nights when it really gets appreciated for all that it is.

I’m trying to be like the moon. I’ve been blogging for nearly 15 years now, jumping from platform to platform as my vision changed. For the past five years, I’ve been working on this, The Daniels Daily Reader. What once was a professional development blog for millennials is now a lifestyle blog for young professionals, touching on everything from business dress to leadership to issues facing society. I’ve written over 1,100 blog posts on this site and, as of late, 95% of the photographic content found on the blog is my own. My writing, my photography, and my points of view have matured since I began this blog but The Reader has always rested on two key characteristics: consistency and quality.

So, when Corey Freeman, Creative Director of LionsHead Media, approached me, said he’d seen my work and and presented me with the opportunity to work with his company, I thought “Wow. Writing on this channel for five years and now, my shot is here? I’m ready.”

I have a body of work. That body is so extensive, I am going to be able to use it to create a book without having to come up with too much additional content. And, as I continue growing, writing, and gaining more exposure, I know that what develops from this picture will be bright.

Consistency + Quality + Opportunity = Success

Make professional development a priority.


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