Appear Less Hypocritical

One of the worst things anyone can call me is a hypocrite. I hate being told I’m not practicing what I preach. I cannot get upset at someone for being late if I’m chronically tardy. Nor can I chastise someone for leaving work with tasks undone if I do the same.

At some point or another in our careers, if we advance into a position of leadership, someone will call us a hypocrite. But the goal should be to 1) minimize that and to 2) eliminate the veracity of such a statement. There is no way to call someone a hypocrite without calling that person’s character into question. So, though people are going to have their opinions and we cannot harp on them, it is important to look like a person of your word.

Time spent in a field means nothing if no one believes you to be a person of integrity. But it means everything if you’ve spent the time being an honorable person.


Make professional development a priority.


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