The Big Easy Goes Hard

Our trip to New Orleans was jam packed. So jam packed that I looked at my original post and had to truncate it because I had written 1,500 words about the first two of our three days on the ground. There was nonstop fun, music, and culture. So, I’m going to take it easy and give you a photographic rundown of the trip, with captions.

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We found phenomenal lodging at Saint Peter Street Inn. Since Airbnb came around, I’ve been partial to that as opposed to hotel rooms but this place was awesome.

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The famous/notorious Bourbon Street. Had some fun out here.

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Po’ boy #1 from NOLA Poboys (Spicy Fried Catfish)

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Street art is one of my favorite things about cities. They tell amazing stories, often in color that tells a story of its own.

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Had some great gumbo at Liuzza’s By The Track, an eatery recommended by a NOLA local. If you have a chance, head down there and get a bowl. I grabbed mine to go with a beer (which you can also order to go in NOLA because there are no open container laws).

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Immediately after my gumbo, Desirée decided that she wanted some Jambalaya, so we went to some fancy restaurant and got her a plate. (I was perfectly happy eating and drinking outside of the laundromat I was pictured at above.)

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Hand Grenades are simple: Find one. Drink one. Keep the glass. Drink another.

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Bourbon Street at night.

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Shrimp and Grits, cajun style!

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Xiaoxia had us walk through the Garden District to see the beautiful homes. I probably would’ve enjoyed it as much as she did but I was kind of hungry and thirsty.

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If you go to NOLA, take a few hours and check out a Cajun Encounters swamp tour. We were also going to do a plantation tour but our flight problem cut our time down in the city so we chose the one we couldn’t find anywhere else.

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At this point, you can’t tell if it’s a croc or a gator.

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Now I know!



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At the end of the day though, I ate his brother. This is po’ boy #2, some good old fried gator. Along with an Abita (Louisana brewed) Andygator beer, I must say this was my most unique and favorite meal of the trip.

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Live from the French Market, it’s Mrs. Daniels!

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These cool horse tie post from the 1800s are still in place on the streets in the French Quarter, reminders of  simpler days.


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Who wants some beads?!


If you ever get the chance to go to NOLA, go. You’ll get addicted and, before you know it, you’ll be back. We hope to be ASAP.


Make exploring the world a priority.



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