Should You Get the Unicorn?

I’m going to preface this by saying that my taste buds and yours are not the same so I’m not saying don’t go get the Unicorn. I’m saying that it is overrated.

I’m not big in anything too sweet and, contrary to reports that it was super sweet, as someone sensitive to that, it wasn’t. Now, it does start off sweet but it moves to sour. At the very end, when you get to the whipped cream part of the frap, it tastes just like Lucky Charms (which made me smile).

All in all, I liked it but it wasn’t life-changing. I would rather have had my regular, black coffee (which is what I’m doing now to offset the unique taste of the unicorn).

And if you are going to get it, do it now. Three out of the four Starbucks I went to were sold out of it yesterday.
Make trying new things a priority.


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