Finish > Fast

On Monday, it was raining cats and dogs in Durham from before sunrise to well after sunset. I woke up and said I’d get my Monday miles in that night. When that night came, I said “It’s still raining too hard. I’ll take today off.” The problem is, I had committed to myself that I would workout 6 days a week and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are 2 mile days. So, at 11:09 PM, as I was reading and writing, I decided I would keep my promise to myself. It was still raining and, though I absolutely hate running indoors, I didn’t feel like dealing with puddles, slips, nor falls. So the treadmill it was. I did 1.25 mi. indoors and ran in the rain for the final three-quarters of a mile.

You won’t always reach your goals when you set out to. But every minute we’re on this earth is another opportunity to get back on track and do what you’ve been placed here to do.

Another lesson: Just do it, no Nike. I ended up running anyway, right? You’re going to have to get that degree one day anyway. You are going to want to start that business at some point. Go ahead and knock it out now. Waiting is only going to make it harder.


Make finishing a priority.


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