You Are Valuable

You’re not everyone else. You don’t have to do things like everyone else. Know that you have something unique of value to add to this point and time in history. Your story, ups and downs, successes and failures, are reminders to people that, if you don’t give up, you can improve the world around you. A simple smile or hello really could change the world but, if you’re not here to do it, you could ruin lives for generations to come.

Imagine if someone random had smiled at Adolf Hitler in 1918. What if, on the morning of the Oklahoma City bombings, a random person had paid for Timothy McVeigh’s breakfast? What if being a bit nicer every day to someone you’ll likely never see again turns out to be exactly what that person needs to keep going? We never know for certain which block pulled out or placed on the jenga stack will strengthen or weaken the structure. But we know that every movement will do one or the other.

I don’t believe that people are bad or evil. I believe that evil is a result of us not loving one another enough. Certainly, there is mental instability but, outside of chemical imbalances, I think even that can be combated with therapy and love.

You don’t have a responsibility to change the world like Barack Obama or Mother Teresa or JFK. But you do have to change it like (insert your name here). Bring your passion to the table every day. Live that passion out. Allow it to shine a light on the world.

A random act of kindness every day is all I ask. Can you commit to that?


Make being a good person a priority.


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