My Second Bed

I get my mornings started with a workout at 5:30 almost every day and that can be exhausting. I remember when, in college, I could be up and out until 2, 3 or even 4AM four days a week and still make it to an 8AM class. Now, I get home from work, knock out some more work, and tap out on the couch while watching Netflix or Hulu. Then I wake back up, write some more content, read for more content, nap around 2, and do it all again at 5:30.

I don’t believe in working yourself ragged unless you A) must to make ends meet for you and your family or B) are working on leaving a legacy. So, every time I fall asleep on the couch, I know it’s because I’m making a better life for those who will carry my last name.


Make your legacy a priority.


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