Don’t Be Smart. Be A.I.-Proof.

Today, as I was driving to work, I saw a machine shredding tree branches down to twigs and I said to Desirée, “25 years ago, that job would’ve been done by 5 to 10 men. I feel bad for these guys who are losing manual labor jobs to machines just so the rich can get richer.”

Then, this morning as I was cleaning out my inbox, I saw an article about jobs that aren’t manual labor being taken by Artificial Intelligence and I realized that, if we don’t set ourselves apart, Siri could take anyone’s job. Technology is powerful. Honestly, I don’t need to ask my department’s administrative assistant for any basic things that leadership used to ask for. I’m not asking for her to get me someone’s number because Siri can do that. I’m not asking her to run copies for me because, in the time it would take me to either walk them to her or for her to come get them from me, I could tell my phone to print 25 copies without skipping a beat.

So how do you tech-proof your job? You don’t. You add insurance to your job by developing a skill that a computer system cannot do as well as you. Being replaced by a human doesn’t change the cost incurred by a company. But it’s always beneficial to replace a human with a machine if the output is of the same caliber or higher because, at that point, you don’t have the issues that come with humans.

Tech-proof yourself because the Matrix is not that far off.


Make professional development a priority.


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