Perceptions of Better

What is “better”? What is “worse”? The words are so subjective. Some people want things to go back to the way they were in the “good ol’ days” when America’s GDP was the highest in the world and the economy appeared to be thriving because those days were “better.” You know, the Andy Griffith days and earlier kind of better. But those days weren’t good for all Americans. Blacks were being lynched without any justice being found (and still are in too many instances). Latinxs were (and still are in too many instances) being over worked and underpaid. Japanese Americans were thrown into internment camps because of the color of their skin. So, when you say “better”, make sure it wasn’t just better for you or better for a majority. Make sure it was actual better.

The same can be said in the work place. Getting back to the good old days where everyone wore suits and ties and had rigid rules was great for those people who needed that structure but what about those of us who create best when we are inspired? Or what was okay about leading someone by making them fear you when they already had anxiety problems? Times were never better across the board. They were better for some and worse for others. So, I don’t ask that we make the work environments or the United States or the Americas or the world great again. I ask that we just work on making them better. Period.


Make being objective a priority.


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