Switch It Up

On Tuesday, I was leisurely strolling around Target and I came across the bike section of the sports department. For a couple months, I’ve been saying I’d get a bike but I just didn’t want to commit because I couldn’t get the folding bike that I wanted at the price point I wanted it at. Finally, I said to myself, “Deryle, you want a folding bike so you can take it around the world with you but are you really going to want to bike everywhere you travel?” And then, I thought some more and realized that, if I really want to bike in a certain country, there will most likely be places that I can rent a road or mountain bike. Long story short, I realized I didn’t need a folding bike, just one that I could take on road trips or use for exercise or to ride to work a day or two a week. Now I am the proud owner of this Schwinn Solara. I’m in the process of ordering all the accessories that I need for it (car mount, helmet, handlebar mirror, etc.) because, as all our parents used to say, safety does come first.

Though I love running and it is cathartic, the past few weeks, I’ve been doing ten miles each week (seven or eight on concrete) and I cannot see my joints taking that kind of beating well for very long. Sure, a half marathon every now and then will work but I needed an alternative form of cardio and I absolutely hate running or biking distances of over two miles while indoors. So, this was the alternative. Run three days a week, bike three days a week, and lift on the bike days.

I’m not working out to get bigger or even to be super cut. I just want to live long, avoid health complications that will cause me and my family pain, to look good at the beach, and to let off steam. But switching up the way in which I accomplish that was necessary to my ability to succeed in those goals.

Ok. Let me knock out this work and then go on my lunch time bike ride. I think I’m going to like this.


Make your health a priority.


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