Take That Option Off the Table

This morning, I was in the gym working on my last required mile for the week. A quarter of a mile into the run, I realized that no one was watching except me. I could quit. And, at that moment, I was ashamed for even thinking that. For a brief moment in time, I would have rather given up my four-week consistency in reaching every goal I’d set than to spend another six minutes on the treadmill. I was tired and I thought, who’s it going to hurt?

It would’ve hurt me.

Mind you, I didn’t slow down. I kept running. I finished. But think about how much more successful we would be if we never considered quitting. We’ve all heard the saying that “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” If you want to win, take the thought of giving up off the table. That’s in love, in life, in the office, in everything. The road gets rough. You’ll feel like you’ve put enough work in. You’ll be exhausted. No matter how passionate you are, if none of that happens, you haven’t been working hard enough. But, in all of that, know not only that you can succeed but that you will.


Make finishing a priority.


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