Develop Symbiotic Relationships

On Wednesday, my friend Kevin sent me a text saying that a guy at his job needed a blogger to develop some content for him. Kev’s girlfriend and my wife have been best friends for a decade and a half and, while we’re all from the same city, I never met Kev until he and Whit started dating. We all do the general couples things together; nights on the town, drink nights at our respective homes, etc. Outside of looking over his resume for him a couple years ago and him getting me a job interview when I was in the market for something new, our friendship was social in nature. But, when I got that text saying that he mentioned my name when someone asked for a good blogger, I was grateful. That is worth more to me than any job interview or business relationship because 1) it is giving me an opportunity to build a new relationship and 2) it’s always nice to know that your friends actually believe in your caliber of work enough to recommend it.

Yesterday, I closed my post by saying I am looking to develop mutually beneficially relationships with PR firms but I will not negate my biggest public relations specialists: my own network. Those are the people who got my website’s metrics to where they are. You all are the ones retweeting my posts. You’re the ones telling your friends where to go to learn how to dress for a business meeting. You’re the ones letting small businesses know who to come to when they need help with their branding and content development. Without you all’s support, The Reader would be in the same place it was in 2012. Though you may think you’re just reading these posts, know that I get as much from you as you get from me, if not more. So I thank you for our symbiotic relationship. You’re the real MVP.
Make strengthening your network a priority.


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