Is What You’re Doing Life Saving Work?

Firefighters. Law Enforcement Officers. Medical First Responders. Emergency Room Physicians.

What do all of these professions have in common? They’re seen as life savers. The work that they do is often deemed critical and necessary to our well-being and longevity. And I will not challenge that, but instead I will add some professions to that category of “super important jobs”.

Chef. Nutritionist. Physical Trainer. Teacher. Pastor. Psychiatrist. Artist. Musician. Guidance counselor. Adoption Placement Specialist. Postal Worker. Waste Disposal Specialist. I could go on and on. Any job can be a life saver. It’s all about how you treat people. Last Monday, I was out for my evening run and saw Mike, one of the groundskeepers in my development. I stopped and we talked. Just his friendly disposition, his work ethic, and his words of wisdom and encouragement brought joy to my night. Mind you, this man doesn’t own the complex. I don’t know if he’s even the head of his team. But he changed my day.

Now, I’m not suicidal. I’m actually very happy most of the time. But imagine someone, anyone, seeing a suicidal person on a day when (s)he feels like giving up. Imagine the postal worker who never paid you any mind deciding on a random Tuesday to ask how you’re doing and genuinely want to know. Imagine wanting to call it quits but you hear a small local band do a cover of your late granddad’s favorite song. Or maybe a pilot gets you to your destination safely on a trip you’ve needed to take in order to prevent yourself from having a complete meltdown. We all have been blessed with the gift of kindness. Find ways to show love in your profession and you will save more lives than you will ever know.

Any person can be a hero. Spreading happiness is a super power.


Make love a priority.


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