Take Your Time

Usually, when people tell you to take your time, it’s in reference to not rushing. But today, I’m speaking about paid time off. This three day weekend was a freebie but how often do you need a few extra days off and there’s not a Monday or Friday holiday anywhere in sight? Do you take that time when needed or just tough it out?

Unless you are the owner or a partner at a business and you don’t have the necessary support to take off, you should be taking off from work from time to time. And you should do it without feeling guilty or without doing work during your time away.

We live at a point in time when we’re always expected to be accessible but that is not natural and it’s definitely not healthy. Think about it; our parents and their parents and everyone before them was never reachable at all times of night and on the weekends. So why should we be? People need some time away from work. Downtime is not an option, it is a must.

No matter how much you’re paid, everyone needs to relax. Your organization is not going to fall apart because you take a three day vacation. And, actually, you taking some time to re-calibrate is going to likely improve your performance more than it adversely affects it. PTO is a part of your benefits package and it’s free money. Who doesn’t take free money from a reputable source? No one I know.

Take your time. Catch a flight. Hike some trails. Develop a hobby. Write a book. Ride a bike. Sit on your couch and count the bumps on your ceiling for all I care. Just take some time to refresh. You work hard. You’ve earned it.


Make professional development a priority.


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