Just Do It

Don’t worry. You didn’t wake up 20 years into the past. This use of “Just Do It” has nothing to do with the world-famous “Swoosh.” No, it’s about getting done what you can in short increments of time.

Let’s say you walk into your office after an extended weekend, as you’re likely doing this morning. You’ve got 20 unread e-mails but you know 12 of them are automated things you don’t need to read and 4 will take 2 minutes to read and 2 minutes to reply to. The other 4 will actually take some time and research and that’s ok. Why not clear 16 out of 20 in 10 minutes?

Or, let’s say you have 35 sales calls to make in a week. Chances are, out of those 35, 9 people will actually answer. The other 26 will take 2 minutes at most, including the ringing and brief voicemail.

Maximize your time. If you go ahead and knock out the seemingly tough tasks early, you’ve got the rest of your day/week to grow, develop, create, and innovate.

The choice is yours.


Make professional development a priority.


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