The Fake Out

It may surprise you but I’m not the biggest fan of cleaning up.

It’s not that I don’t like cleanliness. I truly appreciate it. It’s the process of tidying that irks me. I think I dislike the process more than I enjoy the outcome (that’s a word right there, isn’t it). So, if you see my man cave (or as the wonderful Desirée calls it, my closet), you’ll realize that I just don’t invest the time needed to always put things back where they should go.

Today is Desirée’s 28th birthday so I decided that, along with her gift, I was going to do some hardcore cleaning between the hours of 2 and 5. Not just tidying up either. I dusted and Lysoled and fluffed pillows and cleaned mirrors and all. I would’ve vacuumed but it was too early to do it without infuriating my neighbors.

When she woke up, I told her that I had a cleaning service come in over night. Why? Because I don’t want to be responsible for replicating such a great job (in my mind).

How often in our careers do we avoid doing something because we’re not good at it? Now, I don’t think that you should try to excel in everything. If you’re the CEO, you shouldn’t be an exceptional waste management specialist. But, when something is expected of you, if it’s asked within reason, you should do your best to learn the best practices. Yes, it may take a bit of extra time and effort but it will be another weapon you can add to your arsenal; another skill to your résumé.

I’m writing this post to myself right now but I’m sure it’s applicable to many of you. Recently more has been put on my work plate that I anticipated upon acceptance of my role. And, though some of my new responsibilities are outside my scope of comfort, they’re not rocket science. With some extra effort and readjusted expectations, anything can be accomplished. The question is, are you willing to do what you know you can do well and consistently or are you going to simply say “I’m not good at that?”

The moral of the story is “Don’t fake yourself out by telling yourself you can’t do something just because it doesn’t come with ease.”

Oh, and I’m not advocating that you take on a ton of extra responsibilities without fair compensation. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you because, if given the opportunity to, capitalism says “Take advantage.”


Make professional development a priority.


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