Don’t Worry. I Got It.

Folks, stop printing things for people that you don’t have to print. Everyone doesn’t need a printout to read in a meeting (asking someone to edit something is different). Etiquette and tradition are often wasting resources that we need to focus on conserving so, though it will offend many who believe it proper to print copies for everyone to look at and eventually throw away, I suggest we figure out whether it’s actually necessary or just a comfort thing. I, personally, get upset when printouts are made for me of documents that I could pull up on the work iPad or even my phone.

The problem is, everyone thinks, “Well, my few sheets of paper aren’t going to have an impact on the environment and it’s the nice thing to do.” But then they print 20 copies of a five-page report (one-sided, of course) for the entire group and 85% of the group has access to the digital version and a pad they can take notes on so, at the end of the day, all they’re doing is wasting paper. Very Trumpesq, if you ask me, who is far less concerned with being genuinely nice and more concerned with what’s easiest for him.

Long story short, stop it. The earth is dying. And we’re contributing to it every time we assume that our teammates need an updated copy of every report printed every time you change “then” to “the”. If they want a printed copy, they can print it themselves.


Make saving the earth a priority.


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