One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Yesterday, I followed Amanda Seales on Instagram and Twitter because of a video that featured her making a very thought-provoking statement about the plight of blacks in America. Once I reached Amanda’s profile and read her brief bio, I saw the words “I’m not for everyone.” That was amazing. I loved it. So many people, regardless of where they fall on the social ladder, try being “for everyone.” We want to be able to fit into any culture. We want to feel that any space should be for us. We want everyone’s acceptance. But nothing in this world is for everyone, nor should it be. My truth may not be what you want to hear. Your truth may sound like a lie to me at worst and ignorant at best. But, if you don’t speak your truth and, instead look to please the masses, don’t be surprised when the masses call you fake.

I don’t want to be apart of any organization that doesn’t reflect my values. Those values don’t have to be reflected perfectly but, there should be a definite intersectionality.
I don’t want to hang out with people who cannot identify with my desire to grow. We don’t have to grow in the same things but we must both have a mindset that craves knowledge.

Figure out who you are on an individual level, because whoever you are is unique. I don’t want to be for everyone. To be for everyone is to sell out. It is to cheat yourself out of who you are supposed to be. Why would you want to do that?

Thanks Amanda Seales. I rock with you for speaking your truth and not being for everyone. One size doesn’t fit all (wish I had known that when I bought that suit 12 years ago).


Make being true a priority.


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