What Do They See?

I’m not advocating that you have a professional photo shoot every time you dress up. But if, in 2017, your LinkedIn profile photograph looks like it was taken on a Motorola RAZR, I’m going to need you to update it. The same is true for a résumé or a cover letter or a blog. If it doesn’t look like it was professionally done, you won’t look professional.

Right or wrong, these days as much emphasis is placed on how someone looks as is on what they know. So, whether we’re talking about the layout of your résumé or the aesthetic appeal of your brand’s Instagram content, employers and potential clients will always judge you based on the way you look online before they ever meet you off line.

Make sure you’re presenting yourself in the most intentional manner possible, while paying attention to whether or not your look aligns with what your target market is looking for. And, if you’re having a tough time doing that, reach out to me or someone else who takes their brand seriously. I’m definitely here as a resource.


Make professional development a priority.


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