The Round Résumé File Folder

It may not be round. It may be square or rectangular or even digital but I know that every HR professional has a résumé receptical that you don’t want yours thrown into. I work on four or five résumés a week and there are certain things I see that you don’t have to be a professional development consultant to fix.

1) If you don’t know the grammatical rule of thumb, Google is a wonderful resource. Does it sound like there should be a hyphen or a comma somewhere? Google the phrase. Though everyone doesn’t know every rule, people will use the rules they know and you don’t to disqualify you.

2) Pick a style and be consistent. If you’re using periods after every point on your résumé, don’t let that period go missing on three points. The details are what’ll get you.

3) Remember learning about tenses when we were young? They still apply. Don’t let the section of your experience which touches on a position you held three years ago be still written in present tense. You “changed the processes of the department”, you don’t still “change the processes…” today. 

4) Be able to quantify your qualifiers. People like numbers because they can place a value on numbers. In capitalism, numbers equal productivity which equals dollars and dollars are one of the reasons you’re working on your résumé, right?

5) If they wanted a position description, they could Google it. Don’t just say what you did. Use vibrant language to say how you raised the bar in your role.

These are just a few basic tips. If you need some one-on-one help with your résumé, cover letter, LinkedIn, interview preparation, or you’d like to look into my Personal Branding Overhaul Package, reach out to me via e-mail at or via phone at 919-943-3902. Let’s make great things happen.

Make professional development a priority.


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