Do You Want It Enough?

I recall graduating in June of 2011. I recall taking a retail management job in July to make ends meet. That didn’t last long. Before I left the big box retailer, I used my discount to purchase a coffee machine. My days without a job, I was in the gym two times a day, applying for jobs during the rest of the time, and sleeping just enough to do it all again the next day. This was 5-6 days a week. I was hungry.

Now, I have a good job, I make pretty good money, and I’m married so that adds to my level of financial stability. I haven’t lost my drive but I’ve slowed down.

It’s time to get it back.

If my boss decides tomorrow that I’m not performing to his standards, *POOF* job gone. If Desirée tells me she’s pregnant and can’t work for six of the ten months she’ll be at home, *BAM* I’ll need more money. If I have a major death in the family and I need to grieve, there go my paychecks for two to three months.

Make up whatever scenario you must in your mind to motivate yourself to keep grinding. Life happens. Stretch toward your goals and don’t stop.
Make professional development a priority.


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