#TrendingThursday 2.0 – Num. 3

How to Ask for the Job Title You Deserve
When it comes to job titles are important. I know the old saying goes “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but people definitely judge books by their titles. Your chemistry book in high school could’ve been titled “Blowing **** Up” and there wouldn’t be a single teacher that said “Let’s teach with that this year.” Well, do you think “burger flipper” sounds better than “food and beverage technician?” This article talks about the importance of going for the title you deserve because your next employer is going to want to know what you did before and the easiest way to figure that out is to read your title. So, when you’re getting hired or looking at renewing your employment contract, that may be as important of a negotiating point as your salary or benefits are.

22,000 People Agree to Clean Toilets for WiFi Because They Didn’t Read the Terms
How it all went down is interesting but the title lets you know what happened. You can read. The question is, “Do you?”

How to Improve Your Body and Business Skills at the Same Time
I’ve fallen into a rut folks. I haven’t really worked out in two weeks. When I was at my last job, the gym was right beside my office so I would workout for 45 minutes on my lunch break, shower, and head back to my desk to finish the day. I don’t have that luxury anymore. But this article points out some ways that working out can make you a more saavy young professional. Check it out.


Make professional development a priority.


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