The Creative’s Dress Game

Do I wear a flannel and cut up jeans or a fly suit with a lapel flower? Should I be in hip chinos with a pocket watch and a vintage polo or shorts, a v-neck, and chucks? What are the rules for how a "creative" ought to dress?

There are no rules. There is only one rule and it is to not be stiff.

Being creative is all about being comfortable and intentional. If you can look at peace and stylish in a suit, go for it. If overalls and a tank top are your thing, you've got it. No matter what you're in, be inspired. Certain mornings, some framed glasses, a v-neck and jeans are what I'm in the mood to wear (the way my M-F is set up these day, I am required that I trade in those jeans for chinos but that's cool because the bills must be paid). Other days (especially soon after a haircut), I like to sport a suit or some slacks and a tie. It's all about what makes you feel like this may end up being one of the best days of your life.

Whatever your look, let it be inspired and let it inspire. We're all here to make one another better. Borrow a part of someone else's style and help someone else when they're trying to borrow an aspect of yours. Push the envelope (sometimes slowly, but push it, nonetheless).


Make inspiration a priority.


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