On the Front Lines

While we men are good at taking credit for doing everything, it is women who are actually great at getting everything done.

When we fall short on the bills, they find creative ways to fill in the gaps. When kids’ clothes are tearing at the seams, they mend them until we can afford to get new ones. When the fridge looks sparse, they reach into the cabinet and whip up a masterpiece that could be served at the finest restaurant.

But their creativity doesn’t start and stop in a domestic capacity. Women are leaders in politics, industry, entertainment, the arts, media, and education. So for society to fail to recognize (and pay) them as such is a slap in the face.

Just because that’s how it’s always been doesn’t mean that’s how it always has to be. Let this #WorkingWomanWednesday be the one that makes you appreciate those you work alongside even more, regardless of gender. I want my little niece to see a more fair world than my wife does.

Make influencing change a priority.


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