Four Women Redefine the Term ‘Bougie’ for Women of Color (Review)

Last night, while I was in bed, I came across this article and said “WOW! So Bougie isn’t a curse word anymore?” I love when people take words that have negative connotations and make them positives. This piece about these four lovely sisters rebranding “bougie” for their own entrepreneurial endeavors is awesome and I wish them all the success.

The term bourgeois carries a negative connotation that suggests women who aim high in their career, love life and inner circle are materialistic and self-centered. What happens when you take the term and redefine it to show camaraderie and empowerment? Meet The Bougie Bunch: Ericka Hatfield, Chief Executive Officer; Lyndsay Christian, Chief Marketing Officer; Shawanda Green, Chief Operations Officer; and Joi Adams, Chief Technology Officer, organizers of The Bougie Brunch.

Check the rest of Marsha Badger’s article out here on the Huffington Post’s site by clicking here.



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