Caught Off Guard

Today, I got caught off guard. I wasn’t dressed my best and ran into a potential future coworker.

The field I’m in is small. In the real world, there are said to be six degrees of separation. In development, there are two. And, today, I unexpectedly met a colleague from a different institution. Though I was far from bummy, I wasn’t my most polished self. And it was a reminder to me that, even on days I don’t feel the need to dress my best, I still must. You never know when that offer that may change your life will present itself.

Now, the gentleman was still impressed by my knowledge and, as I said, I was decently dressed but not as well as I could’ve been. Not as well as I had been yesterday. And certainly not as well as I will be tomorrow.

Make the first impression a priority.


One Comment

  1. Yes! it is always when you least expect it or not on your 100% A game you bump into someone. But the advantage of being in this business, is that even when I don’t look the “part,” when I speak, this is where the true game changing takes place. beyond a look, clothes, just 100% you.


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