The Strength to Embrace Change

I look at some of the women in my circle and I am always astonished at their success. My awe lies not in the fact that they are women who achieve but in the fact that they keep pushing against a system that paints them as weaker human beings. Still, they go against the grain, work harder than their male counterparts (often for less), and they do all of this for what? To spur change. To secure their professional futures. To allow young ladies of the future to be moguls of entrepreneurship and industry.

So, ladies, today, I take my hats off to you. Yes, you are mothers, wives, caretakers, homemakers, and everything sweet that the world needs. You are all that and so much more. You are engineers, mechanics, doctors, scientists, artists, athletes, owners, traders, investors. You can do it all but you shouldn’t have to do it all. It is our responsibility as your male allies to stand alongside you and help women, all women, even out the playing field.

Make women not having to work harder than men a priority.


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