Barely Making It

Always keep a basic outfit ready to go in your wardrobe. Clean, ironed, and shoes decently polished. Days that you are just barely making it out of bed, you’re going to need it.

That was me this morning. The weather change had me feeling pretty crummy on Tuesday morning (which is why you all are getting my Tailored & Tapered Tuesday as well as my #WorkingWomanWednesdays post today). Luckily, I keep a pair of chinos, a polo, and some shoes to match ready to go. That allows me to hop out of bed, shower, shave if you absolutely must, and get in the car with my already made coffee.

Every day, you’re not going to look like the guy in the photo above. Some days, you’ll look like you’re lucky to have made it into the office. And you are.

Make looking like you weren’t hit by a bus a priority (even if you feel like it).


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