Use Your Power

Yesterday, I was at a training. One thing I took away was that those of us who perceive we don’t have power don’t realize how much we have. Since it’s #WorkingWomanWednesday, I’m going to hone in on the power women have.

Though, historically, men have tricked the world into thinking we are superior, women actually do have a lot more input than they sometimes give themselves credit for. All you all need say is “I’m leaving and I’m letting everyone know how chauvinistic this organization is,” and change will come. The problem is, many people have been made to fear whistleblowing. But there is power in holding prejudiced people accountable.

So, sisters, take your power and run with it. Just because men have told you that your role is one that is lesser than does not mean it’s true. You’re just as good as every man and better than many in many years ways. Right the injustices and inequalities you face every day, if not for yourself then certainly for those to come.

Make equality a priority.


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