When Your Life Flashes, Let It Mean Something

Racial tension. Terrorism. Hate. War. Nuclear bombs. Sexism. Pedophilia. Human trafficking. Mass media. Psychological warfare. Financial illiteracy. Subliminal marketing. Desensitization to violence. Gun laws. Corrupt politicians. Inhumane government policies. Rape culture. Diminishing educational systems. Astronomical national debt. Job insecurity. Greed. Family issues. World hunger. Child/domestic abuse. Immigration “reform.”

We are constantly bombarded with all of these things, not to mention a plethora of other issues, and then we’re expected to show up at work every day ready to produce. But, to that I say, “Take care of your mind.” Waking up today to NPR and BBC notifications of the act of terrorism committed in Las Vegas reminds me that life could be short and nothing is guaranteed. While I can’t just get up and go on an irresponsible adventure across the world, I refuse to live unhappily. If I see a gunman coming in my direction, I highly doubt my mind will flash to all the donations I received in my current job. I would like to think that all of the great memories with friends and family and the awesome trips I’ve taken and the photographs I’ve taken and the delightful meals I ate and the words I’ve written and the people I’ve helped and the businesses I’ve helped grow and the wild yaks I saw on a mountain will flood my memory. In short, I want my life to be about significant love shared more than insignificant work done.

You’re here for a reason. That gunman could’ve been anywhere you were this past weekend. But he wasn’t and your life was spared. Love what you do. Love where you go. Love who you’re with. While part of being a responsible adult is planning for a tomorrow that isn’t promised, we often forget that the other part of it is enjoying the today that is passing us by.

Make loving life and making memories priorities.


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