Exploration of Valleys and Mountain Tops

Why do we have jobs that are there as teachers instead of passions?

Why are we introduced to people whose intentions aren’t pure?

Why do we experience hurt instead of constant joy?

Why does life get difficult?

In short, “Why are there valleys?” We all wonder it at one point or another, in different ways. “Why am I going through this struggle?” “If there is a God, why haven’t I gotten what I’m due yet?” “Why do good people die?”

Valleys are only a part of the journey. After the valley, you must travel up the winding mountain, pulling the weight you bring with you. You exert more energy to reach the peak than you ever did just walking through the low point. But you do it so that, once you reach that peak, you can see a beautiful view.

And then you go through it again. It’s not enough to stand at that peak. You go down the other side of the mountain, into another valley. But this time, you’re stronger. And so you climb atop another mountain. A higher mountain. And so on, and so forth.

That’s life. Valleys and peaks. Without a valley, a mountain top has no purpose. We must embrace the struggles of now so that we can grow and appreciate the peaks of later.


Make experiencing the entire journey a priority.


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