Rough Stages of Hair Growth

Winter is coming and, during the colder months, I prefer the hair on my head and face be long. The problem with that is the time it takes for it to successfully get there. Last week, I decided to just deal with it. Let it be. The beards that so many love don’t come over night for many of us. For a guy like me, a beard could take weeks or months of unruly growth to reach its full potential.

So, now is the time gents. October and November are the months to let it start growing. Get those rough stages over with, both on your hair and face, and give those patchy spots time to fill in in as No Shave November approaches and, subsequently, shows itself.

Oh, and I don’t recommend the completely unruly look if you’re A) in need of a new job or B) are happily employed by an organization that frowns upon long hair.

Click here for a GQ article on how to grow a thicker beard for the months to come.




Make growing healthy hair a priority.


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