I Can You Can Vegan!

“If it add a couple years to our life, then we might go vegan.” — Big Sean

It’s #WorkingWomanWednesday and, boy, do I have a treat for you?

How many of you saw “What the Health?” on Netflix? And, after seeing that, even if you didn’t decide to go completely vegan, I’m sure many of you said “Maybe I should cut back on the amount of animal products I take in.” I certainly did that. But how can someone live without eating meat or dairy and still enjoy food? Great question. I thought that but I found the answer at I Can You Can Vegan, a blog by North Carolina’s very own Desirée Dainels (it’s not a coincidence that we have the same last name). I Can You Can Vegan looks to provide fun, tasty recipes for people of all backgrounds that involve zero animal products and, as a born meat-lover, I must say, Desirée has found some awesome substitutes. I’m currently in a state of transition and, eventually hope to be living that plant-based life myself.

Check out her website by clicking here and make sure you subscribe to her newsletter.You won’t be disappointed in the taste and your body will thank you in the long run.

Happy anniversary, Mrs. Daniels.

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Make taking care of your body a priority.


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