God Just Might Be A Black Woman…

…And Jesus was definitely a Middle Eastern man.

Tonight, I’m watching The Shack. It’s a film about a man who meets the Trinity. In it, God the Father is a black woman. God the Son is a Middle Eastern man. God the Spirit is an Asian woman.

This film got many negative reviews from the general public because of those representations but I love it because it makes people question their belief systems. What makes us believe that God is a white man with a grey beard? And, by the way, this post has nothing to do with what we believe religiously but, instead, what we believe about power in this world of “ours.” If most of us see the most Supreme Being as an old white man or a young white man or a ghost, then how could we possibly have the utmost respect for anyone who doesn’t look like that?

What I’ve taken from this movie is that we don’t see the most supreme being but, instead, we feel her or him. And, if you feel that spirit in anyone else, you love them. But that means that, before determining that person is good or bad for your life based on externalities, you must feel his or her spirit first.

Maybe there’s a lot of whatever Supreme Being you do or don’t believe in within the person you never took a moment to get to know. And, who knows? That person just might be a black woman. Either way, there is a bit of Her (or Him or It) in us all. So let’s treat one another with such respect.

In the film, God the Son said, “I don’t want slaves. I want friends.” Let the rules go, in and out of the work place. Develop relationships built on respect and trust. The rest will surely come.

Make not judging people a priority.


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