So What if It’s Free?

I’ve stopped accepting things I don’t need just because they’re free. Sure, if it’s free and I want it I’m going to take it but if it’s free and I don’t, why should I? It’s not adding value to my life.

Example: I don’t eat McDonald’s. Haven’t in over a year (and that was internationally). The last time I had McDonald’s in the United States was in 2014. So, if someone offers me a free McDouble, I’m turning it down (unless I have no other source of sustenance and need it to survive).

Too many of us are accepting things that will cost us our happiness or add clutter to our lives just because they don’t cost us a dollar. How many 5K tee-shirts do you need? How much hotel shampoo can you collect? With everything, you must ask yourself “Is it quality and does it add value to my life?”

The same is true for things given free of charge. I was talking to a videographer I know recently and he is photographing his first wedding soon. While he’s a great videographer, he’s an amateur photographer and he let the couple who asked him to capture their special day know exactly that. But this is the gift they wanted from him. Now, I hope he does a phenomenal job but, if he doesn’t, them taking the free route will likely be their biggest regret of the day.

So, always remember, just because it’s free doesn’t mean it didn’t cost you anything. Some of the most expensive things ever appeared to be free at the time. Don’t believe me? Look at all that “free money” that has since become student loan debt.

If you wouldn’t pay for it if you could, question whether or not you should accept it.


Make quality a priority.


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