How Is Week 1 Going?

Here we are, on the fifth day of 2018. How are you feeling about it? Have you been able to establish a routine? Are your expectations a realistic stretch or are you setting yourself up for disappointment?

If it’s not going well already, as opposed to giving up after a few weeks or a month, scale back and set benchmarks that will allow you to reach your goals throughout the year. No one expects you to come into 2018 doing everything perfectly.

At the same time, if your new routine isn’t challenging you enough within this first week, consider stepping it up some. For example, this morning, I got on the treadmill to knock out two miles and did it much more quickly than I expected without breaking my pace. So, next week, my goal is to increase the pace on the treadmill and reduce my time to knock out those two miles. Then, the week after it, I’ll maintain the pace and increase the distance. Why? Because, if it’s not challenging you, it’s not changing you.

In short, your goals are not set in stone. They should be working documents that you tinker with every month or so. That being said, I’ll be checking back in throughout the year and pointing you back to this post to see how well you’re adjusting and to be transparent with my successes and my areas for growth.


Make dynamic goal-setting a priority.


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