Starving My Distractions

“If you desire to be financially wealthy but don’t know how to invest time, then you are just dreaming.” ― Sunday Adelaja


This past weekend, Desirée and I moved into a smaller apartment to hit some financial goals we have for this year. When I told her that I didn’t care about the place but just the price, I had no clue she would choose somewhere with such a limited square footage. Being that I’m used to having my own space, I was a bit concerned.

Then I realized that this is a blessing in disguise. With fewer bells and whistles, I’m forced to work harder on my goals. In this new location, because we reduced our space, we also reduced our TVs and, being that kitchen space has decreased, we have less room for junk foods. Additionally, there is less room for all my clothes. In all, there is a lot less. Which leaves room for me to do a lot more… A lot more reading, a lot more writing, a lot more working out, and a lot more meditating on what next steps are to come.

I intend to spend this time here making my way through books, writing more great content, honing my visual artistry, and, when I need a break from the close quarters, as we all do from time to time, improving my physical fitness. Will there be time for Netflix? Certainly. But its frequency will decrease simply because I am excited about where my life is heading and Netflix (in excess) won’t help me get there.

Sometimes, less is more. Investing your time less in garbage and more in gifts can yield great returns.


Make time management a priority.


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