Work to Improve Things Instead of Blaming One Another

I cannot say I disagree with this stance when speaking generally of my generation. That being said, we, as millennials, must not give up on our desire to have an impact but we must be aware that doing so will take some time and effort. The thing is, by increasing effort, you can decrease time. So work harder and you won’t have to work as long to have the impact that you want to have. To those of you who say “I’ve been working and it hasn’t paid off as quickly as it did for Joe Blow down the street,” I respond “But imagine how much further you’d be from where you are if you weren’t working as hard as you are right now.”

Some points of action for millennials, myself included, to take from this talk:

  1. Let’s put our phones down. It’s great to be connected but how connected do we have to be all the time? People did live for thousands of years before the advent of the mobile (or even the tele-) phone.
  2. Be cognizant of your moods when you’re picking up the phone. Are you doing it because you’re lonely or depressed? If so, find a healthier way to handle that feeling instead of looking to something that could/has become an addiction.
  3. Try to step out of yourself and into the shoes of a person who didn’t grow up with access to all the resources you have at your disposal and realize why they may think you’re spoiled.
  4. Have honest conversations with critics from older generations who haven’t come to the conclusions that Simon did in the video. Let them know “Hey, it’s not our fault but we’re taking steps to develop the positive traits of generations and to develop additional ones we’d like to pass on to the future.”
  5. Know that, no matter what participation awards you got before, from this point on, it’s on you to believe that nobody owes you a thing. Be willing to work for the impact you have on the world.
  6. Lastly, know that impact is a change that happens over time. Very few things in history happened in the blink of an eye. But, if you’re pushing your environment forward in a positive direction, no matter how fast or slow it’s moving, know that you are having an impact.


Make self-awareness a priority.



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