People Notice

“You’re late today.”

This is what Rashard, general manager at Prime Athletic Training & Fitness Institute in Durham, said to me when I came in at 6:20 this morning. Monday through Friday, I am one of the first members in the building when the doors open at 5:30. And, while I’m sure they see over a hundred people go in and out of the doors every day, certain people stand out. When you’re consistent, people usually don’t mention it but they notice when you’re not on your P’s and Q’s. Now, sure, Rashard was just picking on me because, obviously, I still made it in this morning but when you stand out, make sure you keep standing out and doing it for the right reasons.

You may think no one notices your dedication but they do. Of all the people in the world, if you didn’t do what you do the way you do it on just one day, someone would notice. Your consistency matters not only to you but to those who see you working hard to better yourself.

By the way, Prime is a great place to workout for people just getting into fitness, those who are already exceptional athletes looking to develop that extra edge that will get them to the next level, or anyone in between. If you’re looking for a fitness facility in Durham (and I know I was for a while), this is the place to be.

Make commitment a priority.


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